social engineering exposure index

Social Engineering eXposure Index (SEXI) – a quantitative measure indicating the level of personal exposure for an individual. 

It can be used as:

  • a means for classifying personal information 
  • a methodology for data aggregation
  • a measurement to assess an organization's vulnerability to social engineering attacks
  • an assessment of breach data 

Development of a Social Engineering eXposure Index (SEXI) using Open-Source Personal Information

The results of this research study established, categorized, and validated a quantifiable measurement of personal information. Moreover, the results of this research study validated that the SEXI benchmarking index could be used to assess an…

Why we need a Social Engineering eXposure Index (SEXI)

Research, security bulletins, and the news media continue to warn of an increase of publicly available personal information. While social network sites and data breaches receive much of the blame, personal information provided by users has grown…

Initial Results from a Subject Matter Experts Study Towards the Development of Social Engineering eXposure Index (SEXI)

Open source personal information (OSPI) provides cybercriminals and cyberterrorists the means to construct and successfully execute cyber attacks on the U.S. information technology that supports critical infrastructure. To better understand exposure…

Eliciting Expert Panel Perspective on Personal Information Exposure to Social Engineering

Research continues to warn of an increase of publicly available personal information, often attributed via social media, Website customization, online surveys, self-tracking via fitness and smartphones, as well as a plethora of other venues. Data…

Towards a development of a Social Engineering eXposure Index (SEXI) using publicly available personal information

This work-in-progress study will include a mixed methods approach combining an expert panel using the Delphi method, developmental research, and a quantitative data collection. The expert panel will provide a weighted evaluation instrument,…