Nova Southeastern

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Nova Southeastern University
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (In Progress)


Credit agencies, social media giants, health care networks, retailers, government and financial organizations—they all keep and maintain data that impact our lives. This data, or information, is often personal and securing it is vital—especially when it’s being stored and used in many places. NSU’s M.S. in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity, prepares you to build better infrastructures, with security mechanisms to help protect all that data.

Doctoral Dissertation

I answer questions concerning my dissertation process and provide an overall summary. The dissertation process is not to be undertaken without understanding the significant investment that will be required - the least of which may be monetary.

Idea Paper

The Idea Paper has its beginnings in the Concept Paper and is the result of directed research and the precursor to the Dissertation Proposal. Multiple drafts are produced as the Idea Paper is developed through directed research with the intent of focusing and defining the research.

Information Systems - Concentration in Information Security


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Information Systems at Nova Southeastern University’s College of Computing and Engineering requires a minimum of 67 credits. The format blend of on-campus and online activities provides professionals the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree in information systems while continuing to work in their current positions.