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We tried to take the simplest route to provide maximum extensibility and ease of use. The publisher can select MaxCDN/Bootstrap, CloudFlare, or local storage (default). Additionally, a seperate header and footer file has been included which can be used to implement site specific content. The default template will attempt to load the Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome files local file system, unless otherwise specified at runtime. Versions can also be designated in the Template at the CDN-Header and CDN-Footer chunk calls. A local fallback route has been implemented to ensure the necessary CSS and JavaScript is loaded if a CDN fails for whatever reason. If a version is not specified the defaults will be used.

Facebook, OpenGraph, Card and Google Analytics

OpenGraph and card entries are automatically created for each page using the Resource pagetitle, createdby, publishedon, description and other attributes. To function as intended the SEO-MetaDeclarations call requires Google Analytics ID, fb:app_id and/or fb:admins, :creator, and :site entries to be populated.

Page Map


Using the Package

It is highly suggested to duplicate the provided templates and chunks before use, as any updates to the Package will overwrite existing elements.


Loads the required JavaScript for Bootstrap.

@property string cdn The repository to use: bootstrap, maxcdn, cloudflare, local

@property string bootstrapVersion The version of bootstrap to load and should match CDN-Header. Defaults to 3.3.4.


Loads Bootstrap and optionally its default template. Use the siteHeader chunk for dedicated templates which require Bootstrap to be loaded first.

@property string cdn The repository to use: bootstrap, maxcdn, cloudflare, local

@property string bootstrapVersion The version of bootstrap to load. Defaults to 3.3.4.


Loads html5shiv.min.js and respond.min.js.

@property string cdn The repository to use: bootstrap, maxcdn, cloudflare, local.


Traditional, Facebook, OpenGraph, Card meta entries. Note: requires the page title to be limited to 70 characters and the description to 200 characters. These will be adjusted automatically.

@property string fb_app_id Instructions:
@property string fb_admins Go to The first line should be your id. Instructions:
@property string googleid The Google Id can be created by adding the site to your Google Analytics account Format: UA-11306908-1
@property string site_logo The file name of the image to be shown in Facebook Posts, Goolge Plus, LinkedIn, etc. The path will always be the site's assets_url/images. Image size should be 200x200 at a minimum.
@property string _creator @username of content creator Reference: Example: @shawnwilkerson
@property string _site The @username the card should be attributed to. For a company site use a company account (i.g. @SanityLLC), otherwise use the user's account.
@property string _site_logo The file name of the image to be shown in Tweets. The path will always be the site's assets_url/images


We have chosen to use some of the most popular packages available to MODX Revolution. This is for two purposes, to expedite users new to the platform getting sites from production to live and to provide working examples of each. The following Packages will automatically be downloaded and installed for use with the Template:

Provides an automated means to load FontAwesome.
Automatically translates all email addresses displayed or linked on the site.
Quick Crumbs
Provides simple bread crumb functionality.
Provides Navigation, Breadcrumb, and fast access to resource and user information.
Provides Navigation.

Intended Use

The intention of this respository and subsequent MODX Revolution Package is to provide a single install setup which can be modified on the fly by those indivudals desiring to do so. It is not intended to necessarily have many updates. The only files which should ever be edited are the Bootstrap3 Template, and the siteHeader and siteFooter Chunks.

Unintended Use

The author does not intend to release updates every time a subpackage is updated. You are free to update those as necessary.


Facebook, OpenGraph, Card and Google Analytics require the entry of designated attributes to fully benefit from indexing. If a required attribute is not specified the respective line will not be included in the output from SEO-declarations.

The site logo which will be used with OpenGraph and Card must be stored in /assets/images and specified in SEO-MetaDeclarations using the &site_logo and &_site_logo parameters.


Users should modify the siteHeader and siteFooter to correctly link to site CSS and JavaScript Files to be included after Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome 4. Also, imported Google Fonts should be designated in siteHeader.

Non-destructive Disclaimer

The Subsequent package does not require the site to be empty to be used and will not destroy, reset, or otherwise alter preexisting content. It will, however, overwrite itself during updates. Please duplicate components before use.

Additional Documentation

For specific installation instructions peruse the docs folder.

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