Living Faith World Ministries

Logo for Living Faith World Ministries
Start Date
Jan 2005
Job Description
Established computer networks, Red Hat Linux server, Domain Controller, local file repositories. Implemented segmented networks (school, ministry, members), removed open access being abused by surrounding residential properties, setup Honey Pot to determine use of network when second location was obtained, established squid proxy caching for logging and security. Initially established a Red Hat Linux server to monitor and control all network traffic. Also provided file sharing across classrooms, amongst the ministry, Eventually, server was repurposed as a Domain Controller.
Performed site analysis (two locations), installation, and implementation for multiple technologies, including sound systems, and multiple layers of IP cameras .Purchased, installed, and initially operated sound mixer and connected components.
Built early versions of the web site and produced the primary logo still in use in 2023.

Multiple projects across two locations: sound systems, surveillance cameras, computers, networks, servers, and web sites.