GW Schultz

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Start Date
Jan 2002
End Date
Apr 2006
Job Description
Organizational assessment, process analysis, policy creation and enforcement.
Designed website to present client content and products.
Using data abstraction trans-coded entire inventory to MySQL databases pioneering the clients products from wetware to software.
Replaced corrupted domain controller with a new server, implemented backup systems, replaced three primary choke points with high-end gaming systems resulting in reduced backlog and increased customer satisfaction.

Client had many challenges requiring strategic and timely solutions.

  • Replaced failing domain controller with a new server
  • Replaced Intel Celerons with gaming systems
  • Implemented Ebay and other mechanisms to address 6-month lag, to relieve inventory constraints
  • Updated network to 1000 from 10/100 speeds using switches and modern wireless
  • Implemented and tested new backup system replacing the creation of blank back-up storage
  • Transcoded inventory from wetware to MySQL
  • Implemented database-driven online sales representative ordering system replacing a fax / email ordering system
  • Help implement Inventory control and fulfillment systems