GW Schultz

Setup backup systems, server administration, website development, system builds, domain controller swap, online sales representatives order system, created digitized product inventory.

Sanity LLC

Website services and web hosting trusted provider for Central Florida manufacturers, doctors, and churches as well as the largest notebook ring metal manufacturer in the world.

World Wide Stationery Mfg Co Ltd

World Wide Stationery Manufacturing group is the largest manufacturer of notebook ring metals in the world. In fact, they outsize, produce, and sale more product than all their competitors combined. More than likely, you own multiple of their products. Simply check the back plate under the rings. It will undoubtedly have their name imprinted.


Z-Cellular positioned itself as a world-leader in monthly refillable cellular products in that we were able to create a company that could refill any cellular phone in the world on any carrier - automatically with minimal customer involvement.  Additionally, a commission system and affiliate program were implemented.

iShare USA

iShareUSA was the brainchild of an Ormond Beach, FL couple who contacted the governors office in an effort to assist in the needs of local communities. Their solution was to build a web site to allow people and organizations a resource to facilitate and simplify the exchange of physical items for those in need.