MODX Revolution Building the Web Your Way

MODX Revolution: Building the Web Your Way is an example-driven guide which effectively walks readers through various aspects of administrating, using, developing, and designing websites. Everything necessary to successfully operate a MODX Revolution site has been included in this book with the intention of familiarizing users so they can rapidly begin developing their own applications.

Book concept comments

I was originally approached by Packt Publishing to write a 300 page book in a new format where nine books were being written under a "conversation across a coffee table" concept. I informed them that I would be happy to write the book, but that I felt the concept would not work as techies want to know how to do something, not have a superfluous conversation.

After the sixth chapter had been approved, I was informed the three previous topical books in the concept were not reaching their expectations. Subsequently, the rest of the projects were cancelled, including mine. I was paid for the work and that was the end of the book.

I decided to complete and self-publish the book as the MODX community needed it as the documentation was in a horrid state. To date I have sold hundreds of books, in the Kindle and Softcover formats.

My regret, is that I continued to write and subsequently release the "coffee-table" format, which several reviewers allude to. One only needs to skip the chapter introductions to skip much of conversational format.

MODX Revolution: Building the Web Your Way is divided into four sections:

Part 1: Foundations contains quite a bit of explanation and numerous examples regarding each of the topics necessary to become familiar with MODX Revolution.

Part II: Live Projects begins with a quick-start chapter and moves into real world development examples incorporating jQuery, Ajax, Search Engine optimization, and various other topics for building better projects.

Part III: Administration introduces the concepts and techniques to effectively administrate a MODX Revolution project. Access Control Lists and other “difficult” topics are presented in a straightforward manner utilizing very familiar terminology to quickly establish concepts usually considered to be advanced simply due to their assumed complexity.

Part IV: Development takes a “stone tossed across water” view of building dynamic PHP applications using MODX Revolution as a foundation. The areas of discovery range from the most commonly used methods in the API, to building third-party applications from scratch - including the xPDO schema and extending the generated classes into full applications. Regardless of your skill level, this book was conceived with the idea of allowing you to begin at your current level of experience and continue as far as you would want to.

The examples chosen for this book are intended to easily reach a large number of readers, especially those who are self-taught or who are looking for a "low-impact" learning curve. The author intentionally refrained from using overly technical examples and verbiage so as to relate to a larger audience, even though some of the topics may be considered advanced to some readers.

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