Process: Classes

Doctoral Student 1: 3,074 pages read and 291 written

DISS 725 Information Systems Development & RESD 705 Quantitative Research Methods

Doctoral Student 2: 6,594 pages read and 166 written

ISEC 765 Managing Risk in Secure System & DISS 726 Foundations of Information Systems – Social Perspectives

Doctoral Student 3: 2,822 pages read and 217 written

DISS 735 Knowledge Management Systems & DISS 885 Doctoral Research

Doctoral Student 4: 1,690 pages read and 230 written

RESD 720 Multivariate Research Methods & DISS 885 Doctoral Research

Doctoral Student 5: 7,295 pages read and 67 pages written

DISS 750 Database Systems & ISEC 775 Information Privacy

Process: Deliverables

Concept Paper

The first of many documents and revisions in a five-year journey towards a PhD.

Idea Paper

The Idea Paper has its beginnings in the Concept Paper and is the result of directed research and the precursor to the Dissertation Proposal. Multiple drafts are produced as the Idea Paper is developed through directed research with the intent of focusing and defining the research.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

No research is allowed before application and approval of the IRB.

Dissertation Proposal

The Dissertation Proposal is an expanded and restructured version of the Idea Paper serving as the dissertation foundation.

Doctoral Dissertation

I answer questions concerning my dissertation process and provide an overall summary. The dissertation process is not to be undertaken without understanding the significant investment that will be required - the least of which may be monetary.