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DISS 750 Database Systems Junping Sun - AM

Applications of database theory and data management. Selected topics in data models, data modeling, and database design theory for traditional and non-traditional database systems to retrieve and store various types of data. Current issues, trends, future directions, and research topics in the areas will be explored.

Reading Assignments
731 pages
Text Books
20 pages
2,463 pages
Writing assignments
25 pages
Class Assignments

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ISEC 775 Information Privacy James Smith - PM

This course examines the privacy issues regarding information systems. The focus is on understanding distinctive research orientations regarding information privacy. Discussions will emphasize critical evaluation of theoretical foundations of privacy in our modern technologically based society. The goal of the course is to provide an intellectual foundation for students to develop an appropriate research program in this area.

Reading assignments
33 pages
906 pages
Required Literature
3,142 pages
Note: Literature packet released 30 days before semester began allowing students to read seminal and foundational research prior to the class.
Writing assignments
26 pages
Class Assignments
16 slides

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