Doctoral Student 3: 2,822 pages read and 217 written

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DISS 735 Knowledge Management Systems Timothy Ellis - PM

Acquire advanced knowledge and deeper understanding of knowledge management including theories and studies related to knowledge management and knowledge management systems. Review of relevant research in the area of locating, evaluating, disseminating, and using information as well as knowledge. Review of studies and theories relevant to knowledge acquisition, information sharing, information ownership, knowledge process, knowledge integration, knowledge gathering, knowledge repositories, and knowledge reuse. Additionally, review of current research in knowledge management and knowledge management systems.

Reading Assignments
420 Pages
21 Seminal Papers
525 pages
Recent KM literature streams
495 pages
Research material
Writing assignments
107 pages
Class Assignments
51 pages
Research Paper
Note: Seminal papers and recent KM streams are conservative approximations. The rest are actual values.

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DISS 885 Doctoral Research Yair Levy

The student pursues research under the direction of a faculty member. To register, students contact their advisor with the name of the faculty member under whose direction they would like to work and a brief explanation of the research area to be explored. Recommended prerequisite: completion of a 700-level course with the requested professor with a grade of B+ or higher.

Reading Assignments
536 pages
846 pages
Research material
Note: Much of the reading for the DISS-885 had occurred within the confines of prior semesters.
Writing assignments
59 pages
Class Assignments

Note: The point of the DISS-885 is to consolidate the material into the beginnings of a research proposal.

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