Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (In Progress)

Credit agencies, social media giants, health care networks, retailers, government and financial organizations—they all keep and maintain data that impact our lives. This data, or information, is often personal and securing it is vital—especially when it’s being stored and used in many places. NSU’s M.S. in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity, prepares you to build better infrastructures, with security mechanisms to help protect all that data.

NSU’s Information Assurance and Cybersecurity program focuses on the protection and mechanisms associated with the technology infrastructure of applications, systems and networks. You will learn how to design systems that help maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information. In this multidisciplinary program you’ll gain specialty knowledge in cybersecurity, computer science, user experience, and more. Our curriculum evolves based on the needs of the real world, which means you’ll always be current with what’s happening in the industry.

Start Date
May 2022
Date Awarded
Dec 31 2025