Site Summary Widget / Snippet

The following code can be used as an Inline PHP Widget For the MODX Dashboard or regular Snippet.

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Verifying dynamic content source and timings

Hard Coded System Tags which can be used to establish the source of the content presented in the current Resource, as well as associated timings

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System Settings

An alphabetical listing of MODX Revolution System Settings

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Implementing run-time versioning for Elements

One of the benefits of MODX Revolution, is the simplistic methods required to establish run-time configurations.

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Using Helper Snippets as Reusable Functions

Using MODX Revolution Snippets as helper functions can provide a very simple method to return standard-formatted output to the page.

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Create a Single Presentation of all System Settings

Retrieve all of the MODX Revolution System Setting by area, and then display each setting in each specific Category

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Programmatically working with the modUser Object

A variety of ways to directly access the modUser object: PHP array, JSON, profile, extended fields, user specific settings, resource groups, and contexts.

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Using Filters to access and format data: modUser

MODX Revolution Filters are extremely powerful, effective tools used to expedite the formatting and presentation of data from any MODX Element.

Using Chunks to establish default values

Simply create a consistent embedded video presentation by creating a reusable Chunk, exampled by using customizable YouTube embed code.

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